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Absolve Pest Control (APC) make it convenient for builders by providing one-stop solution for your pest and termite needs. We offer customized solutions for your new construction and dedicated staff to keep you on schedule. Our approach caters exclusively to the needs of builders, delivering quality products and services and maximizing the value and marketability of its construction.


Termite Control


Pre-construction Soil treatment


The job involves building an anti-termite barrier immediately underneath the building structure as a protection against damages caused by Subterranean Termites. There are two stages involved:


  • Stage I


The first stage involves the saturation of the compacted soil/hardcore bed with the termiticide throughout the build-in area prior to the laying of lean-concrete or floor-slab concrete. This will include drenching the soil surface 4-cm around the columns and ground beams at 5 litres per metre run, supplemented by “rodding” where necessary.


  • Stage II


The second stage involves the treatment of the compacted soil/hardcore bed on which the aprons around the building are to be constructed, prior to concreting. The area to be treated extends up to 2 metres all round the building walls or the perimeter drain, whichever comes first.


At an application rate of 5 litres per square metre, such treatment would termite-proof the building and avoid the expenses on replacement of damaged timber structure caused by Subterranean Termites.


  • Benefits

  • Highly effective Treated Zone to deter termite infestation

  • 5 years warranty

Post-Construction/Corrective Soil Treatment

Applying anti termite chemical at the 5 litres per linear meter to trenches dug to the base of the foundation

of the buildingbeing treated, or via drill holes spaced at 30cm intervals in flooring slabs.Excavated soil

should be treated and used as a backfill as well as the soil under and around porches.

  • Benefits

  • Highly effective Treated Zone to deter termite infestation

  • 5 years warranty

Mosquito Control

Larvae Control

Reduce mosquito annoyance in your construction site and the risk of mosquito-borne disease by eliminating sites at external of the construction area that serve as habitat for mosquito larvae. All mosquito larvae need standing water to develop. As little as one-half inch of water in a discarded can or container will support dozens of mosquitoes.

As the mosquitoes have to breed in water, it is more effective and efficient to control mosquito at source at its aquatic stage. Pesticide should only be used for killing of mosquito in its breeding place or preventing its breeding if the breeding sources or potential breeding grounds are inaccessible or could not be eliminated for the time being.

Apc has to be adopted for the prevention and control of mosquito. Elimination of stagnant or/and slow running water is the fundamental and most effective mosquito prevention and control method. Application of chemical including pesticide and Am-oil should be the last resort and temporary measure for killing mosquito larvae.

Mosquito misting and power mister

APC conducted Mosquitoes misting using water based preparation. Misting is for fast “knock-down” of pest especially air-borne pest (e.g. Mosquito and fly). It leaves a residual on plants, shrubs and building structures which are fatal to the Mosquitoes when in contact. Misting will penetrate fully because of its small particle size of about 25 mircon. Misting solution is of low toxicity and will not pose any health hazard to people working in the job site. Misting unlike fogging, does not emit smoke and is environmental friendly.

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