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Houseflies Treaments


Spraying in pest/vector control, the typical standard of applying pest-control chemicals and other compounds. In spraying, the chemicals to be applied are dissolved or suspended in water or, less commonly, in an oil-based carrier.



APC conducted misting using water based preparation. Misting is effective in dealing numerous pests which include cockroaches. It leaves a residual on plants, animals, soils, shrubs and building structures which are fatal to the files all stages of development, when in contact. Misting will penetrate fully because of its small particle size of about 25 mircon. Misting solution is of low toxicity and will not pose any health hazard to people working in the job site. Misting unlike fogging, does not emit smoke and is environmental friendly.



A thermal fogger is a unit that has a heating coil used to turn your liquid insecticide into a very light mist or smoke.  This type of method is usually adopted in construction site in order to get rid their yard, patio, gazebo (or other such areas) of mosquitoes, flies and biting insects.  The fog can be directed at grass, shrubs, small trees, cook-out areas, under picnic tables or other areas that need to be mosquito and insect free.

This method is not very common in residential cilents.


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